American Agland - We Understand Land


We are a professional team of farmers & ranchers from rural America, raised in the culture your grandparents told you about. Simplicity is the key to our business model. We simply understand the American Farm and all that goes with it.

We understand the land; the crops, cattle and farming; the equipment, chemicals and fertilizer; the feed, hay and grain; the banker, broker, buyer, and seller; the USDA Farm Programs and Federal Crop Insurance. We understand that Mother Nature and the markets often play a greater role in our farm operation than our own efforts.

Most importantly we understand the American Farmer and the value of a hard day’s work. We strive for productivity & efficiency and are diligent conservationists. Let’s not forget that Farmers were the first conservationists and our love for the land is second to none.

We also understand the complicated task of finding a knowledgeable real estate company. Quit spending countless hours surfing the internet for your real estate needs. Instead, give us just a few minutes of your time, tell us about your real estate goals and let us do the work for you. We guarantee you’ll be surprised at how well we accommodate your needs.

Instead of wasting time telling you about all the great things we provide, we’ll let our work speak for itself. If you want to BUY or SELL Land anywhere in the United States, please fill out the form provided, then go back to work… we’ll do the same.

Our System Allows you to choose whether you are interested in BUYING LAND or SELLING LAND. If you intend to do BOTH (buy land and sell land), please complete the form twice. The system allows you to input information for each purpose after you choose whether you are buying or selling.

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